Corona Virus

Here is a very useful comment from Dorcas Li.

Here in Singapore we have been facing COVID 19 since the start of the entire outbreak in late January. So for that we have journeyed a bit further along in our battle with this pandemic. One of the key truth that we have learned to stand on is that it is our Lord who is in charge, not the COVID 19
This pandemic can only happen because our Lord permitted it. Our Lord is sovereign.
So as children of God the question that we should ask is not just how to keep safe but more to ask what does the Lord desire out of this COVID 19?
What can I learn from this crisis? How can I shine for HIM? What is the big picture that the Lord wants me to see?
Some of the key lessons that the Church here in Singapore has learned:
1) This pandemic will not be just for 2-3 months. We have come to the acceptance that it will likely be for the rest of 2020.
2) Begin to search for the positive outcome of this outbreak and make sure to maximise on it. One of the greatest good from this pandemic is that families are spending a lot of time together at home. Many dads get to stay home and not travel because of work. This sure is one great opportunity that the Lord has created to turn the hearts of the fathers to their children.
3) This is also an excellent time to focus on how the Church can rise up and shine. Replace fear with purpose. Replace survival with advancement. Instead of just focusing on storing up supplies to keep alive, think of ways that we and our families can [a] pray and intercede for the sick [b] make and produce homemade sanitisers to bless the community [c] write encouragement cards to frontline health and security workers
4) Another great positive response to this pandemic is to look at this season as winter season; time of repairs and restoration in preparation for spring. Are there online courses that I can do? Are there particular studies that I can initiate to do with my family? Are there relational skills that I can work on with my family? Love ones?
5) During a crisis, the real person inside shows up very clearly. Let’s watch and observe. Let’s become more self-aware. Above all let’s all become more God-aware.
There will be many many difficult situations that we will have to face and make decisions on.
Wisdom from God is greatly needed.

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